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How Skypaq eLog works?

    • Skypaq’s eLog solution is the primary airworthiness management program in an airline as it is an electronic version of current paper based aircraft maintenance log systems within an airline. It is designed to work in conjunction with your existing MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems.


    • Skypaq’s eLog solution allows data recorded on the existing paper technical log to be recorded in an electronic format. This allows accurate distribution of essential defect management data in an electronic format, specifically using ATA Chapter 17 Electronic Logbook Interface. It prevents costly mistakes in the current process of transferring paper technical log data to the various IT systems within organizations including MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems.


    • As defect data from the aircraft is now inputted electronically by technicians through the eLog product, this data is now visible in a quicker process to the existing MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems within airlines.


    • A Cabin Log product is also available as either a standalone product or tied within the overall technical log framework.


    • Our consultancy professionals can also provide airlines with cutting edge data integrations skills based on our experience in linking different IT systems to provide a fleet airworthiness monitoring solution. Leverage your existing data using Skypaq’s integration expertise.


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