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  • February 2018 – Skypaq are hiring…

    In order to help fulfil opportunities in the aviation industry, Skypaq are looking business graduates with a strong IT background to work with our in house It development. The role will be based at our corporate HQ in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. Please see document below for more details. Business Analyst Job

  • December 2016 – Skypaq ELOG incorporates ACARS Messages – Connected Aircraft a reality

    Skypaq are to announce the release of their next generation ELOG which integrates directly with aircraft messages. Working with our partners, SITA, flight plans, fuel records and OOOI times (aircraft flight times) are now prepopulated automatically to the Skypaq ELOG increasing operational efficiencies and accurate data recording. The “Connected Aircraft” concept or “E-Enablement” allowing the integration of aircraft IT networks with ground systems (e.g. Flight Operations, Aircraft Airworthiness & Maintenance, Cabin ...

  • October 2015 – New Airbus A350 uses Skypaq ELOG

    Finnair, Europe’s first carrier for the new Airbus A350-900, are using the Skypaq ELOG on their new aircraft. The aircraft is using Skypaq’s aircraft technical logbook (ELOG) and Skypaq’s cabin log (ELOG|Cabin) to record activities. Skypaq are delighted to be working with Finnair on their new venture.

  • June 2014 – Skypaq signs commercial and technical partnership with Swiss Aviation Software

    Skypaq has teamed up with Swiss Aviation Software to provide airlines with an integrated electronic log book (eLog) with AMOS, the comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers.   The partnership will ensure that customers interested in interfacing Skypaq and AMOS, will have the benefits of a direct interface between both products fully supported by both companies.   Richard McKenna, CEO Skypaq, ...

  • March 2014 – Skypaq produces iOS based iPad electronic logbook

    Skypaq are delighted to annouce the development of a native based electonic logbook running on iOS for the rapidly expanding aviation iPad market.   This will enable flight crew to create logbook entries both on-line and off-line and enable access to the latest aircraft status during all phases of flight from the flight crew’s own iPad

  • September 2013 – Skypaq deploys eLog to First Sharklet Equipped Airbus A321

    The first Sharket Equipped Airbus A321 are being monitiored operationally by the Skypaq suite of products within Finnair.   The airline are the first to use these ultra modern fuel-effiecient aircraft and our eLog product is an integral part of their operation.   A review can be found at Finnair A321ER.

  • January 2013 – Finnair announced as the world’s safest airline

    Finnair, one of Skypaq’s leading clients, has been ranked as the safest airline in the world. This accolade is evaluated annually by the by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre JACDEC.

  • November 2012 – Skypaq deploys eLog to Flybe Finland

    In November 2012, Skypaq completed deployment of our eLog software framework to Flybe Finland. The Embraer fleet are the first users of the eLog framework within the airline.

  • August 2012 – Skypaq Founder to speak at ATA e-Business Forum

    It has been announced that Skypaq founder and CEO, Mr. Richard McKenna, is to speak at the prestigous ATA e-Business Forum in Scottsdale, AZ, USA on Tuesday October 23rd.   Richard is to give a paper on “Electronic logbook integration with Maintenance ERP systems”.   This paper will outline Skypaq’s experience with Finnair and AMOS(Swiss Aviation Software) in integrating an existing electronic logbook system with an MRO/ERP system in a live environment using recognized/common ...

  • April 2012 – Skypaq deploys eCabinLog for Finnair

    In April 2012, Skypaq completed deployment of an electronic cabin log (eCabinLog) across Finnair’s long-haul fleet. This product now gives cabin crew the ability to write and review cabin related fault reports.   Cabin defects can also be dispersed electronically in a controlled manner to various IT systems within the airline ensuring, for instance, that unserviceable seat data is immediately available to maintenance.

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